M2M Assistance Program

Cranberry Elks Member-to-Member (M2M) Assistance Program

Cranberry Elks members are known for their generosity and support of the local community. We all come together and volunteer our time and resources for the benefit of local non-profit organizations, community members, veterans, etc. At times, there are lodge members who are in need of support as well. Through the Cranberry Elks Member-to-Member (M2M) Assistance Program, lodge members can provide and receive the additional support needed during difficult times.

Services Provided

The following assistance may be provided dependent upon volunteer availability:

  • Lawn care: Mowing, raking, planting, weeding.

  • Snow removal: Shoveling, plowing, salting.

  • Housekeeping: Light cleaning, laundry.

  • Maintenance: Minor repairs.

  • Shopping: Groceries, medications, miscellaneous items (the recipient is responsible for paying for the items).

  • Meals: Meals will be delivered to the recipient.

  • Transportation: Volunteers will provide transportation for the recipient or family members to scheduled appointments/events.

  • Miscellaneous: Other tasks as needed.

M2M Assistance Program Recipients

Any Cranberry Elks Lodge member who is temporarily in need of non-financial support due to injury, illness, financial hardship, family member care responsibilities, elderly mobility issues or other similar causes, may sign up via the the form to the right to receive support through the Cranberry Elks M2M Assistance Program. All members who are up to date on their annual dues payment are eligible to participate in this program.


Some Cranberry Elks Lodge members may not be comfortable asking for help. Any lodge member who knows of a fellow member who is in need of these services may act on their behalf and sign up the member via the form to the right. Once the information is received, the M2M Assistance Program Coordinator will contact the potential recipient to confirm participation in the program.

Program Volunteers – Elmer’s Helpers

Lodge members can sign up via the volunteer form to the right to volunteer as Elmer’s Helpers to provide the services (listed above) for the program. You can sign up for as many or as few services as you would like. The number of times you are contacted to provide services will be based on the number of volunteers registered to provide the same services. Any costs incurred while performing the duties will be the responsibility of the volunteer. This will be an ongoing initiative, however, you can ask to be removed from the list at any time. Members may also support this program by making monetary donations which will be used to assist with minor expenses needed (recipient meals, volunteer expenses, etc.)

Program Coordinator

The M2M Assistance Program Coordinator will contact the recipients to confirm the request and schedule volunteers to provide the needed assistance during the requested timeframe. The coordinator will provide an update to Lodge officers on a monthly basis that can be shared during Lodge meetings.


All information provided by the recipients will remain private and confidential. Only information relevant to the assistance needed will be shared with program volunteers. Any promotion or recognition of the program will include only general information; specific names and situations will not be shared.


Contact CranberryElksM2M@zoominternet.net should you have questions or need additional information.

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