Veterans Programs

Veteran's Haircut Fund
The Cranberry Elks is creating a fund to support haircuts at the Butler Veterans Hospital.

Most of the veterans have no income and accumulate coupon books for these types of services. The hospital did have a barber that charged $10 per cut, however, the barber has since retired and the hospital had tried to replace the barber with no success. A local hairdresser heard of the problem and volunteered to come in and provide haircuts along with two additional hairdressers. The hairdressers provide haircuts for between 30 to 35 veterans every 5 to 6 weeks. Our point person at the hospital has no way to pay for this service, so she had asked us if we could possibly do something to assist. We would like to provide a $50 gift card for each of the hairdressers for this service to our veterans.

If you would like to donate to this project, a donation box is located under the information screen behind the bar.

2014 Veterans Programs Volunteer Statistics

During the last year, over 126,706 Elks and 61,508 helpers drove 2,744,554 miles and contributed almost one million hours of service to veterans.

Based on government data, which values service at $21.79 / hour and mileage at $0.55 / mile, the equivalent dollar value of their service was over $24,795,000. These volunteers worked in both state and federal hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient clinics and beyond the facilities themselves. They cooked meals at the lodge, sponsored trips, and gave comfort and care in a thousand ways to veterans of all ages.

In addition to their time, Elks donated $8,688,477 in cash and merchandise for the benefit of veterans. The total value of service, mileage, cash and non-cash donations last year exceeded $33,483,359.

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